Mar (jittrbugg) wrote in swing_dancing,

Hey everyone! I keep opening up the "post" page and then shying away, but I'm just going to go ahead and post an introduction. My name's Maryam! I'm a Northern VA/Washington, DC local and started dancing in 2004/5. After a few years of on and off dancing because of school, I'm getting back into the swing of things, going to events and such! Lindy's my favorite, but I also love me some Charleston and Shag. Outside of the dancing, I'm a fan of television and vintage fashion. I'm in school for Sociology and Gender Studies right now, so there's obviously a bit of interest there!

I'm finding that I'm starting to use my LJ for a lot more dance related things than I used to. Unfortunately, most of my friends list could care less about what I'm talking about. Any swing people want to be friends? :)

And in an attempt to pose a question: What really works about swing dancing for you? I'm not so much in it for the showey part of it (though I love to watch it!), but I liiiiiive for social dancing. :D
Tags: introductions

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