the dead men should dance

No? Nobody there? Too sad :D

Well, the last entry was written by me, too, so I guess I'll just, you know, come again, after a year :D

Is there a new com where all the Lindy Hoppers have disappeared to and I can't find it, or are we all on Tumblr now?

Anyways, I wanted to share my excitement with you guys :)
I'm going to Shout Sister Shout in December! I'm looking forward to it so much. Some of my favorite Lindy Hop dancers will be there to teach, so I can't wait :)

So, uhm, I hope you're all okay and well and still dancing. Maybe I'll meet you on some event or other :D


Hey there!
I'm pretty new to this com.Well ...actually I had been hoping for some interesting stuff to read and lurk for, but nothing really happens here. =D

So, basically I decided to present myself.
My name is Caroline and I've been dancing Lindy Hop and Charleston for about one and a half years.
I'm not as good as I wish I were, but I'm having fun with it, so I don't really care.
Since I'm living in a small town in Germany, workshops are rare.But at times we have some pretty awesome people over here :-)

I wondered if any of you ever heard of Angela Andrews, Ursula Ledergerber or Juan Villafane?
vintage : Enoch Bolles pin-up

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Hey everyone! I keep opening up the "post" page and then shying away, but I'm just going to go ahead and post an introduction. My name's Maryam! I'm a Northern VA/Washington, DC local and started dancing in 2004/5. After a few years of on and off dancing because of school, I'm getting back into the swing of things, going to events and such! Lindy's my favorite, but I also love me some Charleston and Shag. Outside of the dancing, I'm a fan of television and vintage fashion. I'm in school for Sociology and Gender Studies right now, so there's obviously a bit of interest there!

I'm finding that I'm starting to use my LJ for a lot more dance related things than I used to. Unfortunately, most of my friends list could care less about what I'm talking about. Any swing people want to be friends? :)

And in an attempt to pose a question: What really works about swing dancing for you? I'm not so much in it for the showey part of it (though I love to watch it!), but I liiiiiive for social dancing. :D
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Fri, July 17: Nouvelle Époque @ The Players mansion, NYC

Greetings, swing dancers...We thought you'd enjoy this :)


Gemini & Scorpio cordially invite you to

Nouvelle Époque Cabaret-Salon


Fri, July 17, 7-9pm VIP reception, 8pm-late main event

The Players private club, 16 Gramercy Park South, $30-$10, 21+


Details & RSVP:


La Belle Époque was a time of artistic and intellectual abandon. Painters, poets, philosophers, and the cleverest of rogues mingled at cabarets and salons to indulge in the Bohemian sensuality of the creative life. The connoisseurs of art, thought, and expression celebrated the tumult of the age in high class and with impeccable style. We hope to inspire you to do the same on this special night in one of the true jewels of NYC.

The Players:

The legendary Players, boasting such luminary members as Mark Twain, Eugene O'Neill and Ernest Hemingway, is a members-only social club founded by the famed 19th century Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth. The Players' landmarked home is a magnificent Victorian mansion with a wrought-iron balcony overlooking Gramercy Park.


The Cabaret:

The Slipper Room's illustrious owner James Habacker presents--and, in guise of Chester Mackerel, charming professor of abnormal psychology, hosts--a night of exuberant entertainment to ignite the senses. JC Hopkins' Biggish Band plays rollicking hard bop swing all night featuring guest vocalists tap-dancing sensation DeWitt Fleming Jr, velvet-voiced Jolie Holland, and Tony-nominated downtown icon Justin Bond, in addition to JC's resident front-woman Queen Esther. The always-surprising Julie Atlas Muz (Miss Exotic World 2006), the jaw-droppingly stylish MsTickle, and hilariously naughty Trixie Little & Evil Hate Monkey perform feats of burlesque to live accompaniment by the band all night. In band breaks, 1920s tap sensation The Minsky Sisters amuse and titillate you.


The cabaret runs 9pm-12am in the formal Dining Room, preceded at 8:30pm by a complimentary dance class. After the cabaret, DJ Shakey spins a most unique mix of vintage + modern beats to keep you dancing.


The Salon:

After 9pm, the Sargent Room across The Great Hall is your salon for cocktails and conversations, as jazz pianist Jesse Gelber sets the elegant mood. A custom cocktail menu will be crafted for you by swanky lifestyle guru Fredo Ceraso of


VIP Reception:

The Sargent Room and its wrought-iron park-facing balcony are reserved for VIP guests 7-9pm for a cocktail reception and a private performance by San Francisco opera diva Marisa Lenhardt, as stylish cigarette girls treat you to hand-rolled cigars and hand-dipped chocolates, courtesy of Velvet Cigars and Desserts by Michael Allen.


Dress code:

Belle Epoque - late 1800s to WWI, black tie + evening glamour, speakeasy + cabaret, top hats + tails, feathers + gloves, outdo yourself at your most fabulous.

Dancing in LA

I will be in Los Angeles from August 12-15 and I'm looking for a place to go Country (two-step, night club) and West Coast Swing Dancing. I will be staying in the Hollywood area.

I'm competing the Saturday I'm back and I want to make sure I keep practicing while I'm away. Talk about bad timing!

Do you have any recommendations of places to Country or West Coast Swing dance?
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this be a newb post

Hey there you swing kids! I'm brand new to this comm and the swing culture. But I'm finally going to college in San Francisco and wanted to know where I could take some swing classes in the area. Lindy hop would be even better but any kind of swing would be fine really.

And to be even more selfish, besides classes, how about clubs and such? Places to go and watch swing dancing and listen to good 'ol swing and jazz music? That may be a bit much to ask, but it never hurts, right?
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Sat, 5/24::Swing House::DJ+VJ vintage dance party::only $7 w/RSVP

Gemini & Scorpio,
"Online Dating Eminences" (TimeOut NY) and Offline Party Mavens ("Village Voice Best of 2006"),

Sat, 5/24: "Swing House"
Dazzling vintage dance monthly: "Gatsby-era fun with a twist of new school-vibe" (Village Voice)

Bootleggers and speakeasies...wild dancers and smart that sizzles and music that roars... With live swingin' dance sounds of the early 20th century, re-bopin' DJs remixing and reinventing vintage grooves. The Jazz Age never ended, it just got funky. Dress accordingly!

This month is an all-out all-night dance party, with focus on our amazing DJs mixing dancing grooves old and new, and swirling live-feed projections. Plus a lower cover price, for one night only--RSVP to get in for only $7!

- FREE dance class before the event (beginner Charleston & Lindy Hop)
- Re-bopin' jazz swingin' beats by resident DJ Dhundee and special guests DJ Shakey & DJ Qool Marv
- Immersive vintage dance + live feed projections by Glass Bead Collective
- Hot live grooves by guest musicians on horns & drums
- Plus other unpredictable surprises

Back room, Galapagos Art Space, 70 N 6th St, Williamsburg, BK
9:30pm dance class, 10pm DJs; $7 with RSVP + themed dress, $10 door; 21+
Future "Swing House" dates: 6/21 & 7/26 (full club)

Details & RSVP:
"Swing House" launch details & pics: